These are the updated server rules along with a small description for each rule to clear any misunderstanding. These rules will eventually be posted under the Rules tab on our website but for now will be on this thread. If you have any misunderstanding or suggestions about any rules, please make a thread about it. Thank you.

Kingdom Eternal Rules

1) Rules may be unlisted, use common sense.
- We cannot think of everything so use common sense in some cases. If you have any suggestions for rules make sure to make a thread about them.

2) Respect everyone and do not harass others.
- Respect everybody on the server.
- Harassment includes Continuously Spawn Killing, Spam Killing, Tp Spam, Private Message Spam.

3) Do not use mods, cheats, glitches to allow an unfair advantage.
- Do not use mods, hacked clients or any kind of cheats to give yourself an advantage over anyone else."They can use/download it too" does not count as an excuse to do it yourself.
- Exploits are also not allowed.
- If you find something that shouldn't be doing what it's doing report it to staff immediately.

4) No spam, excessive caps, excessive cursing, or inappropriate/sexual talk.
- Spam is sending a message repeatedly or sending several unnecessary messages very quickly.
- If you need to do a countdown, use /l or start from 3.
- Caps would be excessive if used for more than half the message. It's also excessive to use them in several messages.
- Cursing becomes excessive after using four or more swears in a single message. Saying just random swears over several messages also counts as excessive.
- Inappropriate/Sexual talk: Sexual talk is to be kept at a minimum. Inappropriate talk would include racism.

5) No advertising another server in public chat.
- You can share server ips with your friends only if it is in a private chat. (/msg /tc /nc or /l).

6) No Threats.
- This includes people threatening to ddos someone/the server or threatening to dox someone.
- Do not threaten to beat someone up irl if you know them.

7) Do not bypass non-pvp zones.
- No using anything that can kill people when they are in a spot with pvp turned off. (Flowing lava into them, digging a hole under them, class/race skills)
- Using skills to pull someone into a pvp area is also not allowed.

8) No PvP logging, flying, or using a disguise in combat.
- PvP logging gives a punishment on its own as it drops the players items when they log during combat.
- Disable disguise before engaging someone in pvp.
- Using /fly to catch up to someone in terms of PvP, and/or escaping from someone is not allowed

9) Grief is not allowed in towns, wilderness is fair game.
- Making lava/water flow into towns is not allowed
- Mayors are allowed to use '/plot clear' to remove deadbolts only if the owner of the chests has been offline for at least a month.
- If a player leaves town or gets kicked from town, the town mayor must allow the person to get their stuff.
- If a mayor claims a fallen town or a build in wild, they cannot break the deadbolts until the owner is offline for a month

10) Do not use an alt to bypass a ban.
- If you get banned don't get on with another account or else you'll be ipbanned.
- Only four accounts are allowed per ip address. Any more than that and that account will be banned.

11) Do not ask for OP, Promotion, or for Spawned in items.
- You are not from Planet Minecraft and we will not give you OP.
- If you want to apply for staff go to
- Staff can give you items they personally have if they wish. They will not spawn anything in for you.

12) Donators are not allowed to give spawners to players in any way.
- Anyone that is under the Dragon rank should not have a spawner on them.
- A Dragon and above donor may contribute a spawner for the town only if the donor owns the plot.

13) Certain spawners are blocked and not allowed.
- Creeper, Ender Dragon, Evoker, Ghast, Guardian, Iron Golem, Parrot, Pigman, Vindicator, Wither, and Wither Skeleton spawners are not allowed. Please report anyone who has any of these.

14) Report problems/bugs on the Forum or Discord.
- Try not to PM staff in-game as it becomes difficult to read and keep track of everything.
- Do not spam that you need help.
- Make a post on forums or use /report or post it on Discord, if a staff member is free to help you can ask them but do not spam it.
- If you start spamming you will be tempmuted/tempbanned for 5 minutes.

15) Most people on the server speak English, be mindful if you're speaking in other languages.
- Keep General chat mainly english.
- You can speak whatever language you wish on the other chats.

16) To be unbanned, you must post a ban appeal, or pay the fine of $10.
- You are only allowed to pay the fine once.
- The fine cannot be deducted from a donator rank.
- Temp-bans are not appealable unless they are for four weeks or longer.
- If you are tempbanned you may make a post if you feel you were wrongly banned.
- If you choose to pay to be unbanned remember to uncheck the anonymous box and be patient so staff can check that the donation has gone through.

17) PvP Toggling
- Do not abuse pvp toggle to kill people.

18) Religion/Politics/Suicide Conversations
- You may discuss these in private chats, keep out of general chat.

19) No antiAFK builds.
- AFK pools or anything that makes it so that you move before being kicked for being idle.

20) No TP Killing.
- Do not tp to someone just to kill them.