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  • Group News

The Group receives a number of awards at the Zhejiang High-quality Development Conference of Manufacturing Industry

On March 26, the Zhejiang High-quality Development Conference of Manufacturing Industry was held at Zhejiang People's Great Hall. Yuan Jiajun, the Secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and the Chairman of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of Zhejiang Province, Zheng Shanjie, the Vice Secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and the Governor of Zhejiang Province , and other major leaders attended the conference. Yuan Jiajun stressed at the conference that the strategy of building a world manufacturing power should be fully implemented, and with high-quality development as the main objective, the transformation of manufacturing industry from a labor-intensive pattern to an innovation-driven pattern should be accelerated and Zhejiang province should develop the competitive advantages through high-quality development, competitiveness improving and modernization。
  • Modern Equipment Manufacturing
  • Modern manufacturing services
  • Education

Modern Equipment Manufacturing

In wind power equipment manufacturing and R&D fields, Zhejiang Windey Co., Ltd. has more than 40 years of experience and the most advanced wind turbine control technology in China, and it is mainly engaged in the design, production and sales of large grid-connected wind turbines, the operation and maintenance services of wind farms and other businesses, providing the global market with integrated wind power solutions. At present, the strategic layout of "one center and three production bases" has been basically formed, with Hangzhou headquarters as the technology R&D center, and Linping Qianjiang Economic Development Area, Hebei Zhangbei County and Ningxia Wuzhong City as the production base. Windey won the Provincial and Ministerial Technical Award in multiple projects, and has developed and completed 5 MW offshore wind turbine, with the "1.5 MW variable-speed constant-frequency wind turbine" recognized as the first batch of "Competitive Products Made in Zhejiang".

In civil explosive materials production field, Zhejiang Xinlian Civil Explosive Materials Co., Ltd. is a civil explosive enterprise with the most comprehensive varieties and the largest licensed production capacity in Zhejiang Province, and it has a whole industrial chain integrating production, sales and blasting services, with the business covering production, sales, distribution and blasting technical service of civil explosive materials such as priming materials, industrial explosives, plastic nonels and nonel detonators, production and sales of extensive civil explosive products, management of various production materials and other fields. It has a licensed production capacity of 109 thousand tons of industrial explosives, 190 million meters of plastic nonels and 43 million rounds of nonel detonators.

In military products manufacturing and R&D fields, the Group reorganized three subordinate military enterprises, including Zhejiang Xinhua Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Hongqi Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Jiefang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and established Zhejiang Military Industry Group to carry out R&D and production of firearms, bullets and engineering corp weapons and equipment, making positive contributions to national defense.

In high-end equipment manufacturing field, the Group established Zhejiang Huarui Aviation Manufacturing Co., Ltd., dedicated to manufacturing metal and composite material parts of the aircraft, assembling structural components of the aircraft, and providing technical services, after-sales services and maintenance services for spare parts of the aircraft.

In components and parts manufacturing and R&D fields, it has leading products such as winches, hydraulic cylinders, fan spindles, and multi-way valves.

Modern manufacturing services

Zhejiang Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd. integrates the scientific research and development, technical service and product testing, and has built 19 professional laboratories and two provincial key laboratories based on industrialization and engineering, completing multiple national and provincial major scientific research projects guided by proprietary and unique technologies. In water pump motor, metal forming, low-voltage electrical appliances, environmental protection, anaerobic adhesive and other fields, its professional and technical ability ranks at the advanced level of the industry; in mechanical and electrical products testing field, it has strong strength, and is the designated testing organization for national compulsory certification, testing organization for national industrial product production license, contract laboratory of China Quality Certification Center and CB laboratory in TUV Rheinland, ranking in the forefront of similar professional laboratories in China; and at the same time, it actively expands new fields such as rail transit, intelligent transportation and digital highway.

Trading branches of the Group such as Zhejiang Machinery & Equipment I/E Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Industrial Minerals Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. mainly provide domestic and foreign trade and related services for complete sets of equipment, mechanical and electrical products, mineral products and high-tech products.

Based on industrial chain and service supply chain, Zhejiang Zheshang Finance Service Co., Ltd. takes customers as the center and promotes business innovation to provide professional, steady and systematic supply chain finance services for enterprises.


Zhejiang Vocational Education Group is a vocational education group integrating academic education, vocational training, scientific research and development, technical service, achievement transfer and transformation, business incubation, etc., and has Zhejiang Wanli Education Group (Zhejiang Wanli University, University of Nottingham Ningbo China), Zhejiang Institute of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Zhejiang Technical Institute of Economics, Zhejiang Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Technician and Zhejiang Construction Technician College, with more than 62,000 students. The Group adheres to the orientation of serving the regional economic and social transformation and upgrading, the foundation of promoting high-quality employment and service innovation driving, the goal of improving the personnel training quality, and the means of innovating the construction of system and mechanism and building a platform for integration of production and education, so as to promote school-enterprise cooperation in education and development, give full play to the comprehensive advantages of vocational education alliance, and serve the "two high-level" construction of our province.

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